Stepper Motors
Standard versions

Gear box, encoder and brake
for Stögra stepper motors
Connections via connectors
Stepper motors – special versions

Hollowshaft motors
series SMH 88 and SMH 107
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    2-Phases hybrid-stepper motors
      Our standard motors:
      All STÖGRA standard motors are 2-phases 1,8° hybrid stepper motors. The customer can select
the optimal stepper motor for his application out of a great variety of stepper motor models with
different dimensions and operating torque characteristics.
1,8° step angle (at full step operation)
cast connecton box (IP55) or leads connection (IP41)
metric or inch dimensions
isolating class F
high voltage proofed according to DIN VDE 0530
leads version cast connection box
series SM 56 series SM 87/SM 88 series SM 107 series SM 168
motor diameter: motor diameter: motor diameter: motor diameter:
56,5mm 86mm 108mm 168mm
holding torque: holding torque SM 87: holding torque: holding torque:
0,6 Nm – 1,8 Nm 2 Nm – 8 Nm 4 Nm – 16 Nm 19 Nm – 38 Nm
  holding torque SM 88:    
  3 Nm – 12 Nm    
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
        dimensions and electrical specifications – data sheet (52 KByte)
        standard connections cast connection box and leads version – data sheet (106 KByte)
             CAD files – (2D-DXF + 3D-STEP)
      Data sheets with operating torque characteristics:
        SM 56 (49 KByte)
        SM 87 (50 KByte)
        SM 87 with WSE xx.230AC(43 KByte)
        SM 88 (75 KByte)
        SM 88 with WSE xx.230AC(43 KByte)
        SM 107 (50 KByte)
        SM 107 with WSE xx.230AC(43 KByte)
        SM 168 (38 KByte)
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