Position Controls
New functions
Special features
with Profibus-DP interface
with PROFIdrive interface
with CANopen interface
with encoder
with Closed Loop control

Eurocard format
for 19 inch mountage

Panel mount / 19 inch rack system
with integrated power supply

WSERS – Position control
in compact housing

Overview programming
with PC or SERS Programmer
SERS Programmer 2
Examples programming SERS drives
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    SERS/WSERS overview
      Stepping motor positioning control for 2-phases-stepping motors with RS232, RS485,
Profibus-DP or CANopen interface and features as follows:
flexible but easy programmable position control with many special functions
cost effective single or multiple axis control
microstepping power amplifer with 12800 steps/revolution

easy programmable via standard-windows-PC
free programming software for SERS/WSERS with RS232 interface

Alternative programming and operation via hand programming device
(4x16 character-display with 16-key membrane keyboard)

eurocard-format for 19 inch 3HE systems for external DC-supply
or complete panel mount or 19 inch rack systems
with integrated power supply (230VAC-50/60Hz)

compact housing version WSERS xx.80 and WSERS xx.230AC
with 4A or 8A for 20-80VDC supply
or 4A or 6A for direct mains supply (115VAC/230VAC-50/60Hz)

flexible system due to modular design
including up to 3 axis 12A/phase with power supply
or 5 axis 12A/phase without power supply in one rack
or up to 6 axis 4,2A/phase with power supply
or 8 axis 4,2A/phase without power supply in one rack

easy installation of the panel mount / 19 inch system
because of screw terminals / spring loaded terminals for all connections
like supply, motor, inputs, limit, home and stop switches
      The SERS is a point to point stepping motor position control for 2-phases-stepping motors
The SERS is available in different versions with:

phase currents from 0 to14,5 A/phase (programable via interface)
power supply 24 VDC until 240 VDC

optionally mains ready (230VAC 50Hz – optionally also for 115 VAC 60Hz)
panel mount system or standard 3 height unit 19 inch system
      The SERS is controlled and programmed via a serial interface (in standard version RS232C/V24).
Optionally there are versions with RS485, Profibus DP, PROFIdrive or CAN open interface
      Operation modes:
      All operation modes are implemented in all standard SERS controls.
The operation mode is selected by setting parameters and the structure of programming
      Serial mode
      In the serial mode the SERS is controlled via the serial interface by a PC, PLC or NC.
New positions (optionally with indication of velocity and acceleration, in case these
values are changed) are sent via the serial interface and the SERS is started by sending
an "execution" command. Inputs and outputs may be read and set any time.

Also stored subroutines in the E²prom of the SERS may be called and started via the
serial interface. By reading the corresponding parameters it can be checked any time,
if the SERS is still buisy with executing a positioning job or a called subroutine.
      Parallel / BCD mode
      In this mode, different programms or just single commands are stored into the E²prom
of the SERS. The stored programms/commands can be selected with up to 7 digital inputs
(address lines) and be started by a start (strobe) signal. In that way a PLC may select via
its digital outputs up to 128 different programs in a SERS.
      Master-Slave mode
      2 or more SERS are connected via the RS232-interface. One of the SERS is configured as MASTER,
the other SERS as SLAVES. The MASTER-SERS controls the SERS-SLAVES via the serial interface.
The MASTER-SERS may send positioning jobs to the SLAVES and start them and at the same time
execute a positioning job itself. Inputs and outputs of the SLAVES can be requested and set.
The MASTER-SERS is able to start subroutines stored in the SERS-SLAVES and may request the
status of the SERS-SLAVES.
      Standalone mode
      The SERS is operating independently of other controls or axis. A stored operational program in the
E²prom of the SERS is executed after a program start signal at an digital input or after power-on.
In the program defined positions and commands are executed one after the other.
The running program may be programmed in a way, that it depends on digital inputs, and outputs
may be set or reset.
      Manual mode
      The digital inputs can be defined as manual (jog) functions. When activating the inputs,
the corresponding functions are executed. Following functions are implemented:
    jog slow left and right
    jog fast left and right
    homing procedure
    motor current ON / Motor current OFF - reset errors / warnings
    start operational programm
      All manual functions are available also in the other operation modes (e.g it can be defined
that in the serial mode jog slow functions are available at inputs I1 and I2, and the other inputs
are free programmable)
        position control SERS/WSERS and SERS Programmer 2 – single data sheet (641 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1838 KByte)
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