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      STÖGRA stepper motor drives
    Our stepper motors and controls are standard products, which we produce in series. Based on this
standard products we realize special products for our customers.
Approx. 50 percent of our products are special made products, e.g. motors with protection class IP68
and protected against corrosion, vacuum compatible versions, modified motor shafts, flanges or back
covers, motors with special connectors, and many other special versions.
We supply customers with single applications (e.g. for their internal production automatisation) and
series customers (machine producers) with quantities until 1000 axis per year.
We are components supplier (e.g. for series customers, who need only motors or only controls) and
also supplier of complete motion systems (motor and complete position control with fieldbus or free
programmable standalone controls).
Our application engineers support you with the sizing of the drives for your appliaction during the design
and planning phase, they support you during taking into operation the application, and also support you
afterwards when solving any problems.
We develop customer specific solutions tailor made for a more efficient usage in your applications,
or we choose the optimal components for your appliactions out of our wide range of standard motors
and controls.
      For every motion application the optimal solution!
STÖGRA offers a great variety of motion control products, which are:
    stepper motors
    power amplifier boards
    position controls
    power supplies
    board holder
    panel monting-/19-inch rack systems
      Stepper motors and controls as modular system:
      2-phases hybrid stepper motors
    gear heads
      Power amplifier and position controls
    phase currents 1 until 14,5 A
    power supply 24 until 240 VDC
    euro card format (100 x 160).
protected against short circuit, over temperature and under voltage,
and pre-warning for over temperature and under voltage
      Panel mount systems
different sizes with 1 until 8 plug ports for power amplifier boards
or position controls
    optionalyl with integrated power supplies and fans
connections via screw terminals (ELK)
and spring terminal connections (ELR).
      Power amplifiers and position controls in compact housing
    mains ready version 230VAC or 115VAC and phase current of max. 6A/ph
    version with voltage supply 20 until 80VDC and phase current of max. 8A/ph.
    for panel monting or DIN rail mounting