Stepper Motors
Standard versions

Gear box, encoder and brake
for Stögra stepper motors
Connections via connectors
Stepper motors – special versions

Motors for extended
operating temperature range
Vacuum hard motors
Protection class IP68
Special coating against corrosion
Keyway / Woodruff
Second shaft end
Shaft modification
Shaft flat
Additional options

Hollowshaft motors
series SMH 88 and SMH 107
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    STÖGRA stepper motors – special versions
      Stepper motors for extended operating temperature range – option Z80 and Z240
      For all STÖGRA standard motors the specified operating temperature range is -30 °C until 80 °C
permanent operation (short time 100 °C). This maximum temperature allowed may not be exceeded
at the motor surface (measured at the stator housing – near the cast connection box).
The motor temperature reached during operation, depends on various factors: e.g. motor phase current,
speed, ambient temperature, duty cycle, forced draft, heat flow to other bodies, ...
      For extreme applications STÖGRA offers motors with extended operating temperature:
  Type   Temperature range
  Z240   -40 °C until 100 °C (short time until 120 °C)
  Z80   -40 °C until 120 °C (short time until 130 °C)
  Z153   -50 °C until 100 °C
      • ordering examples: SM 87.2.18M6 Z240, SM 88.1.18M4 Z80
On request STÖGRA also offers further versions,
e.g. for low temperature applications from -60 °C,
or high temperature until 200°C
Please contact us for details.
        stepper motors special versions – data sheet (56 KByte)
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
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